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Denture or Partial Denture Post-Operative Care and Instructions


Please note, new and/or refabricated dentures all require follow-up appointments to adjust the fit to your best comfort level.  We strive to work with our patients to assure your complete comfort and satisfaction.  Please do not hesitate to inform the dentist of any discomfort as you initially get accustomed to your new denture.  The adjustment process often requires more than one follow-up visit.


Your first denture can be a challenge, one you will want to approach patiently.  All the benefits of a comfortable, functional denture will come to you with practice and time.  Learning to adapt to your denture requires motivation and a learning curve.


A denture is a rigid appliance, but it rests on soft tissue.  So it’s going to move.  The softer the tissue, the more mobility it will have.  You will learn to naturally compensate for this.


For stability, the denture base is extended in the mouth.  Chewing on only one side of the mouth will have a tendency to dislodge the other side of a full denture.  Remember to chew equally on both side of your mouth.  This may require some practice.  Expect to experience increased saliva production in the interim.  This is a natural reaction of your body detecting a foreign object in your mouth.  Your body will adjust over time and the saliva production will lessen.


With natural teeth, most of us rest our tongue just behind our lower front teeth.  But if you have a habit of moving your tongue back, you’ll lift a lower complete denture out of place.  Your tongue will require re-training.  With practice, you will adjust over time.


You may notice you sound a little difference in the beginning.  Speech problems associates with adapting to a new denture are among the first issues you’ll learn to conquer—and you sound a lot better than you think you do.


Please let us know immediately if sore spots develop.  We will work with you to get your denture as comfortable as quickly as possible. 

If you should require urgent assistance after hours, please call:  407-529-5681

Thank you for being a great patient!